IRCTC Station Code For VADODARA JN : What is the irctc code for VADODARA JN :

Vadodara was part of historic BBCI Railway. Railway had arrived in Vadodara in January 1861. On November 5, 1951 the BBCI Railway was merged with the Saurashtra, Rajputana and Jaipur railways to give rise to the Western Railway. Vadodara junction is Gujarat’s Busiesit Junction with almost 150 trains passing everyday. Trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Jan Shatabdi,Dhuranto and important Mail/Express Trains halt at Vadodara Junction. Vadodara has 5 railway stations namely Vadodara Junction (BRC),Pratapnagar, Vishwamitri, Makarpura & Bajwa.

VADODARA station for irctc:

  • BRC is IRCTC Station Code for VADODARA Rail Station.

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